Unhealthy Friendships

It’s Friday!! I’ve actually been off school these last two days with some kind of bug; I think I’m just about over it now, but I’ve honestly never slept so much in my life I swear. To make life a little better, I decided to install a Tasimo coffee machine in my bedroom; I had … Continue reading Unhealthy Friendships


Life and death

I'm writing this at school, on a Tuesday afternoon — just another Tuesday afternoon, but not. Earlier this month, a student in my year at school passed away. I didn't know him well, and I'm not pretending to have done so, but it affected me, as it affected so many in my year, whether they … Continue reading Life and death


Long time, no speak, as they say. I mean for me, this has been a comparatively short break – just a week, right? School has been hectic, and I wasn’t around at the weekend to be beavering away at upcoming blog posts. I’m here now though, and we’re talking about Dodie! For those of you … Continue reading I LOVE DODIE


Mental health is a stigmatised topic. There is no avoiding it, coating it with pretty lies or half-hearted hopes. As a society, we do not like to talk about mental health. For those of us in the mental health community – on Twitter, here on WordPress, or maybe in a more physical manner --, it … Continue reading Talk


I sit on a wooden chair. The linear struts that form its back dig painfully into my own, standing tall alongside my spine, holding us both together. They make me aware: aware of myself, and that I'm here, because they're here, and if they're touching me then I must be here too, with them. The … Continue reading Metaphors