BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day11: Christmas Gift Ideas

OK, prepare for disaster guys and gals, because today, L (like, me, L) is giving you Christmas gift ideas ... shite. OK, work with me here, yeaaah? Gift Idea 1 — Home Video There is nothing better for your relatives than upwrapping a box set of, say, Harry Potter. Imagine their internalised glee as they … Continue reading BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day11: Christmas Gift Ideas


Blogmas #10: Christmas drinks!

Yellow's The Word


For days #9 and #10 as you can guessLand I aretalking about Christmas drinks. Anyway! A little while ago my friends and I went to town to sort out secret santa and do a bit of shopping so we headed to Costa for drink to warm us up. We decided to try out Costa’s Christmas drinks menu (which has been around for weeks but last time I went I forgot to try something new and just ordered the usual oops).I wantedto try ALL the Christmas drinks but obviously I could only try one, so I had the Gingerbread and Cream Latte and WOW.

It was…SO delicious. The coffee actually tasted if gingerbread, the cream was so nice and you even go a lil’ gingerbread man to go on top (although mine kind of shrunk into the drink and disintegrated rip).

I also love the Costa Christmas cups…

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BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day9: Festive Drinks (Because THEY’RE A Thing Now)

Wow... Is it really the ninth already?! I feel like I'm just not Christmassy enough yet — letting the side down I know. I'm British: stiff -pper-lip, and all that other bollocks, isn't that right Brits? Someone came up to me and told me 'That joke' (Christmas & Brexit?), which is both (a) not funny … Continue reading BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day9: Festive Drinks (Because THEY’RE A Thing Now)

Blogmas #8: Festive Films

Yellow's The Word

Hello! Welcome back to the next installment of mine and L‘s joint Blogmas. Today I’ll be sharing my favourite Christmas-related films!

I have to say I’m not into Christmas films as much as I used to be, but I still have some firm favourites that I try to watch each year.



I’ve watched the first and second Nativy! films SO MANY TIMES and I just love them?? They’re funny, emotional and original – what more could you want??

The Polar Express


As I mentioned in my festive playlist post, The Polar Express has been a favourite of mine for years! It’s the one film we all (try to) sit down together and watch at Christmas as it’s such a heart-warming story.



Okay, I know Paddington isn’t exactly a Christmas film, I’m sorry but I just love it so much AND it does snow at the end of…

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BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day7: Christmas Films

When Christmas time arrives each and every year, Christmas doesn't just 'start'; it takes over. Everything. Music, books, TV, decorations, conversation ... and films!! There are some brilliant Christmas films, and then there are some ... uh, not-so-brilliant ones. We all know the ones I mean, with the cheesy Christmas-themed jokes and storylines that leave … Continue reading BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day7: Christmas Films

Blogmas #6: A Very Festive Playlist

Yellow's The Word

Ayy salut mein loyal reindeers! Today I’m going to be sharing my top Christmas jams with you in the form of a Festive Playlist™.

1. Wizzard – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (who doesn’t??)

2. Michael Bublé – Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

3. Ding Dong Merrily on High (mainly because I love singing the “laaaa la la la la la laaaa la la la la laaaaa la la la la la” bit at random points during the festive period – also apparently this carol was originally French?).

4. Santa’s Christmas Wrap – this is a random one that no one has probably heard of and I can’t find any record of it online, but basically we’ve had this Santa and his little helpers Christmas CD for years and this is a JAM.

5. The Polar Express Theme Tune – it makes me feel…

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