A Travelling Free Spirit

I am, despite a facade, incredibly hypocritical sometimes. I advocate freedom of expression: I love that we can make our own individual choices, do what we want to do, say and think what we want, so long as we don't hurt others. And yet, from time to time, I'll read some article in a cheap … Continue reading A Travelling Free Spirit


Dear Future Me

It’s Friday!! Thank God for small mercies: two days stretch ahead of me, and neither of them involve going to school: a relief, I would say, in itself. I find myself now, at just after 5pm (despite thinking until just a few moments ago that “it just can’t be gone half 4 already”), drinking freshly-made … Continue reading Dear Future Me


I want to run. Run, as fast as I can, run and run until I see nothing familiar, until I know nothing about my surroundings besides how refreshingly new they are. I want to escape, never looking back: no anxious glances over my shoulder, no lingering doubts. I want to run.   I want to … Continue reading Runaway


Snowflakes in Britain? We Just Can’t Cope!

This week here in the UK, we’ve been experiencing a chaotic collision of weather systems: the Beast From the East (which really does just sound inappropriate, I’m sorry), and Storm Emma — potentially the least threatening name for a storm ever. Regardless, the consequences have been snowy and windy — some call it a ‘blizzard’, … Continue reading Snowflakes in Britain? We Just Can’t Cope!


Dear Room

I got the news last week that my funding for a residential college placement, starting in September of this year, has just been approved. Whilst this is excellent news, and a massive relief, I couldn’t’ help but think of what i’ll be leaving behind, and the one thing that sprung to mind was my room. … Continue reading Dear Room


Collin & Doris, Uber for the Lazy, and Other Stories of My Week

Well, hello to you — old friend, old buddy, old pal. Good morning, afternoon, evening or, for the more rebellious amongst you, goodnight. Although, if it’s an appropriate time for me to be saying “goodnight” to you, then FFS go to sleep — after reading this, of course. But sleep, dude, please… So, it’s that … Continue reading Collin & Doris, Uber for the Lazy, and Other Stories of My Week


Maybe It’s Not Me who’s Wrong

I’m a GCSE student: I have the most important exams of my life so far starting in 92 days – that’s just over 13 weeks. And so, really, I should be spending every spare afternoon I have studying – sure, with breaks and time for recreational activities too --, but primarily studying. Today, I have … Continue reading Maybe It’s Not Me who’s Wrong