I Never Thought…

I live in England, in Great Britain -- in the united Kingdom. OK, so I'm doing that whole quiet-pride thing because I got Great Britain and the United Kingdom the right way round: for interested ignorants, Great Britain does not include Northern Ireland. I guess UKExit didn't have the same ring to it as brexit, … Continue reading I Never Thought…

Seven Billion

It's odd, isn't it, that there are around seven billion people wandering around on this planet of ours. Seven billion is an incomprehensibly large number — think about it, and try to imagine seven billion people all in one place, at one given time. That is one complex seating plan... Individually, we are all just … Continue reading Seven Billion

… And Breathe

As a student, I often find myself quite stressed, anxious or just generally overwhelmed by the comings-and-goings of school life. On top of that, every student has a social life, which despite being enjoyable, adds an extra layer of complication and stress to life. Even if you aren't a student any more, life doesn't get … Continue reading … And Breathe


I am so confused. I am so upset. I've been away this weekend, playing sport in the north of England. I went with my mum; she always enjoys watching me play sport, which is really sweet actually. I can't emphasise enough how great the weekend was: we played well, I saw lots of old friends, … Continue reading Split