About Me

I’ll put it here now: I ramble. So, I’m going to do lots of short, to-the-point sentences to say, well, what I am about to say: Let your leader, speak:

My name is l, as far as you’re concerned.

I was born in 2001. [NEW GENERATION BABY!]

I am blind.

I live in London, England, UK.

I write a blog.
Maybe that last one was a bit too obvious. Get over it; it’s four words, and although four words can change lives, these four likely do not, so no big deal.
I like things. I like a lot of things. I like people; people do not LIKE me. People who do not like me are stupid. Actually, they’re probably dead sensible. I respect them, because they’re sensible, which suggests ownership of a brain, and I have no brain. As well as people, I’m a fan of music, reading and writing, a visually impaired sport which I shall not name for privacy reasons, and my phone.


I have dreams, like the rest of us. I have several dream jobs: I’d love to be a comedian, or a journalist. I have dreams at night, but if what scientists say is true – that your dreams are linked to your day -, my day is pretty weird [being chased across a field by a GIANT banana].


You should have a feel for me now [no,don’t be like that, naughty]; I hope you like what you’ve read, and want to read more; there’s plenty on this site, so pick a nice post, relax and let your eyes slide from word to word, line to line, page to page, post to post.