I am so confused. I am so upset. I've been away this weekend, playing sport in the north of England. I went with my mum; she always enjoys watching me play sport, which is really sweet actually. I can't emphasise enough how great the weekend was: we played well, I saw lots of old friends, … Continue reading Split

Safe Haven

I think you'll agree that L (c'est moi) has lots of different blogging sides: there's funny L, serious L, technology-reviewing L, book-reading L, and many more. Well, hello — I'm music-reviewing L, and L (like L in chief, if you like) has let me out on this special occasion to talk about one of my/his/our … Continue reading Safe Haven

Positive Resolution

I've made a resolution this term, for the remainder of this school year. It's something that, if I'm honest, I probably should have made a set-in-stone resolution (like this one) about quite a while ago. I will actively monitor my own mental health, and take necessary actions to ensure that it remains positive. In the … Continue reading Positive Resolution