I am struggling to get it into my head. I have 1000 WordPress followers. What??? There are 1000 of you wonderful, lovely, amazing people out there, which in itself is a number I can't come close to comprehending. Each one of you is fantastic, interesting, and just a genuinely fabulous person, and each of you … Continue reading 1000


That raccoon is so gay

It’s not a betrayal, as such; merely a case of me sharing my talents (*snorts*) around the internet. Check out my post below, from the lovely Bethany’s blog, which I wrote as part of her Pride month celebrations! Make sure to check out other posts in the series, too, and to give Bethany a follow both on her blog, and on her twitter.
I hope you enjoy the post!! 🏳️‍🌈

Bethany & Books

* Looks up sheepishly *

Oh, hello there. I’m Kel — you might know me from my blog. You might not, though; if not, then welcome, and a huge thank you to Bethany for letting me post here, during Pride month.

Labels have never really been my thing: they’re overrated, outdated, and probably something else that ends in -ated, too. For the record, I like guys, and sometimes girls too, which effectively makes me bisexual, if you want to name it. I’ll get some basic points out the way now, though, to put your mind at rest:

No, it’s not a phase.

Yes, I’m sure.

No, I’m not ‘just greedy’.

No, I don’t have two relationships on the go at once — although I thank you for thinking that more than one person could find me attractive; that’s very kind of you.

I tend to refer to myself as…

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Flames in the Fire

Philosophical posts have never been my forte, really. Sure — sometimes my musings and thoughts on life, the universe and, well, everything manage to come off as somewhat intelligent, or at least aware of the world around me. Usually, though, they resemble pretentious ramblings, the words of someone who wishes they knew more, thought bigger … Continue reading Flames in the Fire

Moving On

Does anyone round here even remember me any more? I've been gone for an age -- too long, honestly --, but exams and commitments left me with no choice but to put blogging to one side, at least whilst school finishes up. Still, I'm stopping by to see how you're all doing -- how are … Continue reading Moving On